Adaptive Web Engineering - Chalk n‘ AWE

Chalk Muldoon, mascot of PEZ Chalk Muldoon,
Leader of the PEZ Cooperative.

Chalk represents those struggling to deliver quality enterprise websites...
  ...the Internet Protocol (IP) is a stateless interaction with each packet isolated from another.
  ...standards are an economic battlefield between "open source" and proprietary concerns.
  ...browsers, mobile devices and the software that enables them are subject to the whim of fools. development paradigms have not kept pace with hardware engineering for a half century.
  ...programmers are paid to fix the bugs they create on the backs of willing customers.

Chalk n‘ AWE means changing the web through education and example. You can not change people but you can educate the data, interfaces and processes that they use.

PEZ enables subject matter experts solution configuration instead of employing developers.
PEZ uses free and "open source" technical components for affordable deployments.
PEZ includes business aspects, atttributes, culture, expertise, intelligence, rendering and rules.

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